The highest innovation and quality as standard

Nuova Erreplast comprises a Research and Development Department using an in-house laboratory in which we carry out rigorous incoming material checks, controls and monitoring during the production and finished products phases.

Our Laboratory comprises the following equipment:

  • Gas-chromatographer

  • Dynamometer

  • Brugger

  • FT-IR Spectrophotometer

  • REA Barcode quality Scanner

  • Karl Fischer automatic Titration

  • Analytic Scales

Our wide range of cutting-edge tools is operated by our chemical engineers engaging in every necessary analysis in order to assess the quality of packaging. The purpose of our quality management system is to ensure that the product meets the requirements specified by the customer and regulatory requirements for environmental protection, hygiene and safety. In addition to this, we are supported by external laboratories in order to analyse the microbiological and chemical specifications of packaging units and to ensure its compliance for food contact. Furthermore, extra special attention is paid to achieve product innovation and enhance process development in the packaging industry.